Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Some adorable things Jack said today:

  • "I am freaking about this." I can't even remember what this was in response to.  His manner was very non-freaked. 

  • "I did good in sacrament singing, right Mom?  You can see all the mommies from up there.  I singed when I saw the pictures.  But sometimes I couldn't see the pictures.  So I smiled at you instead.  That was good, right?"

  • Driving to the pediatrician, Jack says "I think Sam's not sleeping because he has bad dreams, right Mom?"  When we were waiting for the PA to see Sam about his sleep troubles "I think he not sleeping good because his heart is broken." Sob!  (Sam is fine, btw.  Ear infections ruled out.  More teething meds approved.)

  • Sam sneezed.  Jack hollers "Mom, Sam blessyoued all over my arm!"  

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Susan said...

Sooooo cute!