Friday, May 23, 2014

Journal updating

Some other things I meant to write about and haven't gotten around to:

  • For the moment, everyone is healthy.  Sure, Sam is teething, and my cough and rib pain are still there.  But there are no runny noses and I'm off all drugs.  
  • Sam finally cut a third tooth.  It was the tiny lower left incisor.  That means the biggies in the front top are still pushing out.  They look so painful.
  • Sleep is better, but not great.  We are doing the cry-it-out method for night and naps (like right now, when he woke after barely an hour).  It sucks.  I hate not being able to go fix and soothe him.  We also give him benedryl for tooth pain on some nights, and of course he sleeps awesome after that. NYC next week will mess him up again.  Maybe in June we can finally settle his sleep issue?
  • Ben is totally Hank Hill about our yard.  It's beautiful.  We planted a tree and some bushes and I transplanted some flowers from my mom's garden.  Some of the irises even bloomed!  
  • Molly's FHS is pretty bad.  We've tried all the simple fixes, with the exception of regular play time (I'm too busy, but I'm trying to get Jack on it).  The only other thing we can try are serious drugs.  Not only do I want to avoid the cost and side effects, but the effectiveness isn't really known.  Wish I could do something for her though.  
  • I'm really excited for NYC next week!  I haven't really mentioned it.  I'm taking Sam with Amanda, my folks and their friends, to chaperone a group of kids.  It should be a blast.  
  • Amanda and I went to see the musical Once last week. First, it was great fun just to go out with my sister in dressy clothes.  Second, it was a great show.  Not one I would want to see again.  But funny, well done, good music, creative story-telling, etc etc.  It was a really nice evening out.

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You should put the robber shots up on Pinterest.

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