Saturday, July 26, 2014

Date night!

We had a lovely time out together sans children.  First was dinner at the hot new Sushi Den location in Denver, Izakaya Den.  The food was great, the restaurant pretty (loved the live bamboo encircling the staircase, growing two stories tall).  But it was crazy noisy, rushed, and the table next to us was full of loud, drunk fifty year olds behaving rudely.  Ugh.  Still, Ben enjoyed his miso soup, tempura, and ramen bowl.  I had a delicious melon and Serrano ham salad with basil and watercress, and wagyu beef sashimi. Sorry, no pics.

The good thing about the rushed service was we had time for dessert!  We drove across town to High Point Creamery for their flight of ice cream, where you can sample five of their flavors, with garnishes and sauce.

Salty dog chocolate, basil blackberry swirl, mango coconut lassi, mint chocolate bark, and simply strawberry.  So good!

 It was a sweet ending to a wonderful, rainy evening.

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