Thursday, July 03, 2014


Sam is clearly right handed.  It surprises me, because my experience with Jack is so different.  Whereas Sam already has a strong preference for holding toys, waving and dancing, and eating with his right hand, Jack STILL hasn't decided.  

The pediatrician says it's unusual at this age, but not a problem.  I wonder if he's truly ambidextrous, or if he prefers left but tries to copy others by using his right.  

Lately we are working on writing.  I think he has better results when he uses his right hand. Maybe he's just confused?  It's funny to watch him change hands.


Anonymous said...

During my med school rotation on the neurology service, I asked about ambidextrous individuals. The staff neurologist said no one was truly ambidextrous. She said the key question to hand preference was "with which hand do you wipe at toilet?" -WillYum

eaumaison said...

Ha! That's great. We will wait and see then. Attempts at that skill have not been very successful, so we are waiting until he develops a little more.