Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New this week

Just odds and ends here.  I had to reorganize my room to make it more baby friendly.  Geez, this kid gets into EVERYTHING.


We bought an all-access pass to the Arvada Apex center and I love it.  I can exercise any time I want, dump the kids in their daycare (fee included), and take any classes.  I've done pilates and zumba so far, and spent some time just running and doing calisthenics on my own.  I love the free daycare thing.  Not only do I want to exercise and get healthier, but if I ever need a mental break, I can drop them off and then sit in their hot tub, or read or whatever.

This weekend we are going to GJ for my dad's birthday and some more pool time.  Jack is SO excited.  I forgot to give him short notice.  He mentions it several times a day.

Sometimes I feel so "mom."  This was one of those times.

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