Saturday, April 18, 2015

Changing appearances

The boys looked extra shaggy so I took them out for haircuts on a snowy spring day.  This was Sam's first time in a salon, so I sprung for the good stuff at a special kids place.



No tears in sight!

Not pictured is a visit to the dentist the day before.  Sam did not love it, I'll say that.  But the doc got a good look at his teeth and said it looks fine.  He chipped his front tooth at some point, apparently.  Also, he has a siamese twin tooth.  It's where two conjoined teeth erupted in a single tooth's spot.  There's a definitely ridge, and I always thought it was two teeth very close together.  But he said it would be impossible to floss between them and they are actually a single tooth.  I'd share a picture but he's impossible to photograph that way.  Maybe when he's older. 

Jack on the other hand, had bad news.  That front tooth he chipped at 18 months is abscessing and scheduled to be extracted on Wednesday.  Poor dude doesn't know what's coming.  I've been honest but vague on the procedure and put heavy emphasis on the tooth fairy.  Post-procedure pictures coming later this week I'm sure. 

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