Friday, April 10, 2015


I had to get a cavity filling today.  My first in many years, and in my defense, they said it was inevitable as a result of my tooth anatomy - nothing in my dental care could of prevented it.  That matters because you may not know it, but I have impeccable dental care.  I floss daily, brush well with an electric brush, and at every cleaning the hygienist remarks on how little she has to work on me. 

I hate dental work.  You'd think after the years of orthodontics (3rd-9th grade) I'd be over it.  Nope.  I hate people in my mouth.  It's extra small and hard to work in too, so it usually takes longer than usual to work in the back.

It went ok.  They numbed me up and it spread all over my face, yet the drilling still had some sharp pain and they had to abandon that tool and do it another way (thankfully, dentists are vague about what they are doing in your mouth, so I don't know what that means.)  Also they couldn't tell how to get it perfectly smooth.  The bite paper wasn't showing any problems, but the filling still feels off.  She said to come back if it still doesn't feel right in a couple days.  After the numbing wears off.  Did I mention I got really numb?


Yeah.  That's a symmetrical smile attempt.  I turned into a Disney princess.

I'd have preferred the shiny, bouncy hair. 

Also I can't blow my nose.  The air trumpets out my cheek, flapping like a fart. 

PS: Took Jack to the pediatrician today.  Got a prescription for Zofran and he's doing better with that.  Keeping water and diluted Gatorade down - less than 1/4 cup total since this morning, but that's an improvement.  Sam was groggy and weak this morning but got an appetite after AM nap.  Lots of toast and crackers stayed in and he started playing a little. 

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