Saturday, April 18, 2015

Recent Projects

While the boys were convalescing lumps watching TV, I was able to get a lot of spring cleaning done.  That meant that when I put them in their rooms for proper naps I had time to work on craft projects.  I want to share some of the stuff I made then, and a few older projects.  First the knitting.

I can't remember if I shared this one, it's sort of old.  It's a pattern I've done three times now, using Anzula with little sparkles in it. 

This entrelac cowl is a made-up pattern using yarn that I spun myself.  The color changes are all continuous on the yarn and it worked up really neat in this patchwork pattern. 
A light sweater in a cotton-alpaca blend I got in Ogden last summer.  I heavily modified the pattern to make it work for me.  I really like the look of it, but it's a little itchy to wear :-(  

This cowl turned out lovely!  Jenn gave me this yarn for Christmas and I got two pieces out of it (previously I made a hat).  The cables really pop with this yarn. 

A surprise success!  This sweater is made with cheap acrylic yarn, making it easy to wear and wash.  The rich brown is flattering (though less red-toned in person) and I LOVE the pattern.  I changed it to work for worsted weight (from fingering).  Very wearable. 

 Many more details on my knitting projects are found on my ravelry page (membership required).

It's a bit warm for knitwear now, so I turned my eye to sewing.  I have very basic sewing skills and haven't used my machine for anything but simple tailoring in the last few years.  To start, I got the "Sailor Top" pattern from Fancy Tiger and made two versions. 

Cute, modest, and easy!  I want to make more, but need to stop for a while.  Besides, my reward for sticking with sewing was to make this skirt:

Long and luscious, with a hip hugging yoke, I love how it turned out!  This fabric was a mild splurge, but a good use of birthday money.  Too bad I don't have any cash leftover to keep these shoes from Zappos.  Sigh.  I don't think I can justify $95 seafoam green sandals. 

My only current project is a shawl to use up some stash yarn.  I have three more queued in my mind though. 

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