Monday, May 11, 2015

A Happy Mother's Day

Ben did his best to give me a happy Mother's Day Weekend. If the kids had been healthy it would have been so good.
  • Sleep in until 8!
  • Head to gym at 8:30
  • Massage at 10:15
  • Lunch at Smashburger with everyone
  • Target shopping - I picked out my own gifts for the holiday
  • Blessed Quiet Time
  • Dinner and playing with my sister and parents, who came over for a quick trip to hear her talk in church.

Sunday was kind of a usual day, but with extra assistance from Ben in child care.  Sam was too sick to attend church so I went with Jack to Sacrament meeting.  The Primary kids sang to us.  Jack knew the first two lines of the first song, then smile prettily for the rest of the medley.  Simple acts make my heart swell!

Then it was all runny noses and coughs and goldfish and entertaining for the rest of the day, like most days.  That's the problem with Mother's Day - unless we physically remove ourselves from the home, we can't really take a break.  But Ben did all the heavy lifting and cleaning so it was a little special.

I tried to get my annual picture with my kids. 

First in their natural state of undress and toy hogging and TV dead-eyes. 

Ironically that was the best it would be.  Once I tried enforcing smiles and clothes on them, Sam was DONE.


I have many variations on this same theme that I didn't bother to upload.  The longer we tried, the worse it got.  Finally he body-dropped (toddler version of the mic drop) and was outta there. 



Here's a picture of Sam baking with me later and in a better mood.


Sugar and messes and step stools?  This is his favorite play area.   

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