Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jack's Week

Gah!  Life is happening so fast I can't keep up with my blogging!  Let me explain.  Wait, there is too much.  Let me sum up.  (Anybody?)

Jack had a "continuation ceremony" for Preschool last week with adorable performances.  I have yet to upload videos and pictures.  Spoiler alert - I got misty eyed.

Then Jack had an amazing birthday party last weekend with Spider-Man!  I have all the photos up on flickr and I'm going to very lazily copy/paste the email links I sent to his friends' parents for you to check out.  I might or might not get a proper summary later.



Then we had general summer starting/school ending craziness on top of today being Jack's ACTUAL birthday!  By the time I got downstairs with Sam to start the bacon, this was the scene:


He couldn't wait to try out his REAL bike.  I coaxed him in with more presents and bacon, then we practiced biking after we all got dressed. 



Lunch was a "Last Day of School Picnic" at the playground nearby.  All his friends and teachers were there and it was super fun, actually. 


His teachers, Ms. Nichole and Ms. Katrina. 

I'm gonna share this one full sized because I LOVE it. 


Ben and Sam left the party early because they had to pick up some very special guests at the airport:


Grandpa Rick and Grandma Betty!  They came out to celebrate the birthday, and gave him the much anticipated Skylanders Trapforce (it was a very good year for presents for him.  He also got a Power Rangers set from the Waterhouse grandparents that I had "forbidden," making it all the more desirable).

He played played played.  Then picked the dinner spot (ugh, McDonald's of course).  Then home for his second birthday cake.  The first for his party was devils food with chocolate filling, white frosting, and marachino cherries garnished as requested.  This one was yellow cake with chocolate frosting and Biscoff filling.  We had fun with my slow-motion feature. 

But that's all a prelude to my big excitement - Ben and I are going to New York City alone tomorrow morning!  That's right.  The Masons are kid and house sitting while we escape for four days of fun.  We haven't had a vacation together (aside from a couple 24-hours, courtesy of Amanda) since leaving Jack for San Francisco in August 2012.  Can that be right?  Well, either way it's about time.  We have many shows planned and also some downtime.  I hope it's a relaxing trip. 

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