Monday, May 04, 2015

This and That

Yes, we went on our date.  The movie and the food and the friends were all fabulous.  Yes, I left the sitter with Jack who was complaining of feeling sick again and wanted to lie down.  Apparently he just laid around watching TV then went to bed early.  Whatever.  I got to see some superheros save the world and not worry about anything else for a couple hours.  Relaxing.

Of course the illness is not over.  No ho ho.  Sam has a runny nose today and Jack has had more episodes of suddenly feeling "sick in my tummy."  He lies down for a while, then recovers.  So weird, and so bad for my nerves.

I have been sewing more tops this week.  For some reason, knitting is not doing it for me lately.  I'm waiting for Fancy Tiger to get their new shipment of Madelinetosh yarn, so the things I'm working on are not new or exciting.  I sewed a Sailor Top out of Liberty of London fabric and it's just gorgeous.  At $34 a yard, I'll have to wait for another sale to buy more.

Today was busy for a Monday.  I (finally) had an appointment to get my car repaired, so first thing in the morning we dropped it off and got a rental.  The staff were so nice and let Jack pick between white and red cars.  Guess which he picked?  I feel like a teenage boy driving that red thing.  Then we all went to the preschool for parent teacher conferences.  Jack is doing great, as expected.  She gave me some tips to help him smooth out his handwriting by developing fine motor muscles.  Sam loved that he finally got to play in the preschool classroom.  Usually he tries to sneak in during pick up/drop off.  Next we picked up some playdough at Target (part of his fine motor skills development) and then went to the library for our usual story time.  Sam is a MONSTER there.  Constantly running all over the place, tearing books off shelves, putting toys in his mouth.  I swear, he's going to be the WORST in his terrible twos.  Good thing he's so cute.

Some videos from today and recently, for your enjoyment. 

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