Sunday, July 10, 2016

Down the rabbit hole

I haven't played video games in a long time.  I have other things I'd rather be doing with my free time (mostly knitting).  But this new game has sucked me in.

I downloaded the free Pokemon Go app for Jack, but very quickly realized the game was for me.  

It's really a great game.  Despite how (very VERY) buggy it is, I've been playing it nonstop for three days.  I don't feel bad about that, because the game requires you to walk and explore the town in order to play.  Here's my screenshot and selfie in play:

Read more about the game on your own; I won't bother to explain it thoroughly here.  I will say that not only is the game addicting, it's exercise, and a social activity.  We can't believe how many people are playing!  We just came back from one of our local playgrounds and 4 out of every 5 people we saw were also playing!  

Plus, it's been great for Ben and I to have something to share about between us.  

If you know anything about the game, then be excited for these screenshots:

I'm a gym leader!!

Probably not for long.  :-) The Arvada center was a CRAZY busy place.  Tons of pokestops, tons of players.  We even stopped to chat with a family who had taken their bull Python out for a stroll while they hunt Pokemon.  Sam loved that :-)

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