Thursday, July 28, 2016

Jack Rides a Bike!

Today Jack achieved a big milestone - riding a bike by himself!

One of my summer goals was to get Jack riding a bike like a proper first grader.  We worked on it most days.  I realized his bike we got for his 5th birthday is just too big for him to handle.  I got a glider from craigslist to teach him to coast, then a medium sized bike also from craigslist as a step in between.  Now we have a ridiculous pile of bikes in the garage, but I know Sam will use them all too it's justified!

Jack overcame a lot of fears for this.  He was poorly motivated to learn, but tonight we couldn't get him off it.  He finally got that awesome sense of speed and freedom that a kid feels on a bike.


(Sam insisted on a picture too, of course)

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