Wednesday, September 21, 2016

All the problems

So as you saw, we have a leaky pipe under our master bathroom that pooled into the living room below.  Aside from structural damage, the dog bed was the only thing destroyed.  Sam auditioned the replacement bed for Jem.

We are running the damage through our homeowners insurance.  USAA is a really great company.  Glad we have them.  The damage was positive for mold AND asbestos.  Yippy!  Yesterday they set up the negative pressure seals to isolate it.  

The leak came after I spent the weekend cleaning our couch and our armchair.  Our babysitter let the kids have milk in the living room.  I discovered milk had spilled all the way through both pieces of furniture when Molly started lapping up the puddles forming on the floor beneath them.  THEN Sam had an accident sitting in the armchair, releasing a flood of urine on the recently cleaned cushion.  But I'll tell you what, there's nothing like major home damage to make furniture spills seem inconsequential.  My brain instantly flipped from possibly getting a new living room set, to possibly getting a new living room.

Today I met with the project managers for the abatement and the reconstruction.  It looks like it will be 2-3 weeks to complete the asbestos/mold removal and dry out, then a couple weeks to plan and approve the reconstruction.  Depending on how much needs to be done it could take 3 weeks or more.  The minimum we are looking at is new drywall, new paint, and sand and finish the hardwood floors.  It could be as extensive as replacing the flooring for the entire main floor, redoing the master bath, and maybe even fixing unseen damage into the basement. We won't know until the abatement is done and they can safely investigate.

Luckily our insurance will cover the abatement and the reconstruction.  We are only responsible for the plumbing repair and anything we request beyond the "return to normal" repairs (I figure if they end up tearing up the master bath we might as well upgrade it).

I spent today re-organizing the living room and basement so we have comfortable spaces for the next couple months.  Currently we can't use the upstairs toilets.  For a short time we will be cut off from most of the main floor and possibly the basement.  This will probably cut us off from all house toilets.  I'm working on a solution so we don't have to stay in a hotel during the abatement.  That would really suck.  For now, we are trying to keep smiles on our faces.



Halloween is coming!  Pumpkins and crispy leaves and sweaters!  School is super fun for all!  We read Harry Potter and loved it!  Ben is taking a staycation next week!  There's a lot about which to be happy and grateful.

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