Friday, September 30, 2016

Phase 1 is done. Dry out in progress.

Mason maison is making progress.  Tuesday they set up the extra work areas for decontamination and by Wednesday night they were done.  We got our living room back to partial use.  Here's the before and after:

But we lost use of the last toilet, so now we can only use the outhouse. 

Here's a shot of the exposed, offending pipe:


Thursday they disinfected all the surfaces and took out the damaged wood floors. They put a high power fan/dehumidifier thing in there to dry out the wood.  



Our project manager came over this morning and took measurements.  He said it's still a few marks shy of normal level so we should leaving it running another night.  A crew should arrive first thing Saturday to take the fans off.  Then Monday they paint on the encapsulation barrier to prevent future growth/contamination, and let that dry over night.  So we are looking at mitigation being done by Tuesday next week if all goes well.  I've put out a couple requests for a plumber but haven't been able to get one over here yet.  Hopefully this afternoon.  We'd really like to get the leak fixed so we can use those upper bathrooms again.

Particularly for this guy:


Sam came down with a virus.  Diarrhea, high fevers, croupy cough, and stridor all night.  Poor guy.  He's doing better today.  Taking a nice long afternoon nap now.  But it's hasn't been fun for him to get dragged out to the backyard loo when he has to go in the middle of the night.

We had tickets to see Miss Peregrine tonight but I cancelled so we can be closer to home.  My new sitter's mom is ok with her watching a recovering kid, but I'm not comfortable having her be in charge for 4-5 hours while we are all the way across town in a movie theater with limited communication.  We're just going to get dinner closer to home.  A nice meal out with my husband, away from the noise and disorganization of home, sounds lovely. 

In other news, I stopped by a locksmith shop and they gave me a couple locks they were going to trash.  Got them picked within an hour each!

Also I bought Jack these Chewbacca jammies.  Couldn't resist. 

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