Saturday, September 24, 2016

Locking picking

I have a new hobby.

This summer I started picking locks.  I love it.  That feeling when it releases is euphoric.  You can tinker mindlessly, or meticulously tease each pin like a puzzle.  

I'm a huge Sherlock Holmes fan.  I was watching the Houdini & Doyle TV show and decided to finally jump in and learn picking.  I got a started set and within ten minutes had my first padlock open.  

Reddit has a great community and sources for learning.  I have no nefarious intentions, it's purely a hobby.  In fact, there are two rules lock pickers uphold:
1) Do not pick a lock that doesn't belong to you.
2) Do not pick a lock in use.  

I only had three pad locks to play with.  When my parents were out here I let my Dad in on my hobby.  Yesterday I was thrilled to find he and my Mom sent me three new (old) locks to pick!

The cylinder locks were fairly easy.  The circular padlock gave me trouble.  After a few sessions I put some lubricant in and finally popped it today!

I picked all my locks again for fun:

Got any old locks?  I'd love to take them off your hands. :-D

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