Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's another boy!

Here are my pictures from today's ultrasound.

21 week ultrasound for second boy
Cute little nose, legs and bum tucked up tight.

21 week ultrasound for second boy
 Scratching his head with his finger.  

21 week ultrasound for second boy
Adorable baby toes

21 week ultrasound for second boy 
 Don't know why the tech felt it necessary to label this one so. 
21 week ultrasound for second boy
Good strong legs.

I got a voicemail while asleep that my US tech called in sick, so I would have to reschedule.  Luckily they could squeeze me into their north office a little later today.  Jack woke up with a cold but by gum, we are doing this today!  The tech said my little guy is sitting super low in my belly.  Like, "Ouch, that must be painful" low.  Why yes, it is quite painful. I have nearly constant pain on the my right side.  Since about two months in I can't turn in bed normally due to sharp pains.  That explains it I guess.  

When I told Jack he would have a little brother he asked "What's his name?"  I have no idea, child.  No idea.

I have to admit that I'm disappointed we aren't having a girl.  I really wanted one and I was hopeful that this one felt different enough.  I guess it's just the fact that's it's a second pregnancy, and every gestation is a beautiful unique snowflake, blah blah.  Girls names came easily to me and I had visions of ruffles and purple and princesses and ballet shoes.  I know, I know.  Brothers!  How fun!  We already have all the clothes we need!  Boys are easier than girls!  All of that is true, but I'm still sad I won't have a little girl.

But I have a loving husband who merrily agreed to take me to Fancy Tiger tonight so I start a baby sweater for our new little boy.  I think that will help cheer me up.  Fine yarn has that effect on me.  I'm perusing Miranda's adorable projects for Cedar to get ideas.  I also have to dive into Nameberry.  Seriously.  No idea.

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chitarita said...

Yay! Congratulations. Besides, the middle child is nothing like the oldest child, even if they are the same gender, right?