Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sunriiiiise, sunset

Jack's speech is improving so quickly.  I'm going to miss many of his simple phrases, so I thought I'd jot them down for memory.

ups ups down = upside down

I do it boy self = I do it by myself

horsey boy = cowboy

Sounds like good idea? = please, can I?

Both! = his answer to any choice I offer

tee tops / Sarah dino / tie tops = triceratops

stegosoarsoar = stegosaurus (you should hear him pluralize it)

semen = musem

quailllll ree lee umm = aquarium (mostly he stumbles in different, funny way each time he tries.  L's and R's are still mixed for him)

Pa-Chow = Lightening McQueen's "Kachow" catchphrase

begwee = spaghetti

cop cop / cop copter / hie copter = helicopter (UPDATE Ben says the correct current version is "hopper copper")

Grumpies = grandparents

Grumpies, did I forget any?

Long ago I meant to post his Easter bunny quote.  Ben sent me this after dying eggs with Jack, reporting Jack's response to the Easter bunny hiding the dyed eggs in the morning:
 "I be mad afterwards.  I be saying no no rabbit. Rabbit not be hiding those eggs!"

We also started to teach him jokes this week.  I'm trying to get video of a good exchange to share.  But next time you talk to him you could share a joke or ask him to tell one.  Knock Knock jokes are a favorite, though clearly he has a loose grasp on the structure and source of humor in them. 


Anonymous said...

He says "No good idea!" when he doesn't want to do something.

Richard had him say "Hey Lucy I'm home" as he came up the stairs into the house.

Susan said...

I like the way he says "another" also: "nanl"

Susan said...

That's nano not nanl