Monday, September 09, 2013


I might as well post again to erase the optimism I inspired with my last post.  Just got back from my midwife with almost no change from last week.  I'm becoming convinced that my body doesn't know how to go into labor.  The bigger bummer is that the hospital is maxed out with scheduled inductions.  I got the next available, which is Thursday evening.  And I'll be first up to get bumped if they get too busy.

So that blows.

At least they've got me on the books I guess.  I wanted my membranes stripped but I'm GBS+ again, so that's not an option.  In the meantime I'll tell Ben we need to do this list of natural induction methods. 
  • Consciously surrender and give consent to yourself the universe ... to allow the journey to begin.
  • Try ‘slow-dancing’ and belly-dancing type movements.
  • Visualise the swirling of a galaxy, and the funnelling of a hurricane.
I'll tell him to pick up some aromatherapy candles and then we'll REALLY be in business. Oh, and apparently we need to spend more time cuddling in the nude.  I hope Jack doesn't mind.

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