Monday, September 09, 2013

D Day

Today this kiddo is officially fully cooked.


Obviously I'm still pregnant.  Despite many encouraging twinges and pains and feelings in my nethers I'd better leave undescribed, no labor has started.  My mom points out that I wasn't even to my due date yet, so of course nothing has happened.  But I've always seen the due date as a "Sell By" date, rather than a "Do Not Open Until" date.  I know it's wrong, but that's how my brain interprets it.   I can't help but be hopeful starting at 37 weeks.

Tonight I see my midwife and we'll make a plan.  I'd still love to go into labor naturally.  It's safer, and darn it, what was the use of studying all those labor signs and warnings, memorizing instructions, baby-sitting arranging, and hospital bag pre-packing for if I don't put it to use?  It's like a big test I studied for was changed to open book by the professor that morning.  You feel relief, but a little put out that you did all that prep for nothing.

I LOVE having Ben home with me.  He has declared himself my intern, and to give him things to do.  I was vacuuming this morning and feeling worn out.  But mopping needed to be done.  I hesitantly asked him to do it and he jumped on board.  He also did the dishes for me without asking, and took care of Jack while I showered.  It's so nice to shower without "mommymommymommy" coming in through the door, trying to judge whether he wants to show me a toy or whether he pooped his pants and actually needs attention.  Quiet, hot showers.  I love them.

Ben joined us at our usual Monday Story Time at the library.  I plan on him taking over this duty for the next few weeks, so Jack can have his usual routine despite the new brother sucking up all of mom's time and energy.


Then I had Ben drop me at home while they go grocery shopping without me.  Ahh.  So nice to put my feet up and blog, instead of limping through the aisles. 

You can be sure once we have baby action to share, I will let you all know.  Hopefully my next post includes adorable newborn squishy baby pictures.

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