Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Adjustment was the solution

I've had a history of back problems.  No one has ever recommended chiropractic care.  Usually my problems resolve in a week or less.  This injury was the worst.  I felt like I was in labor.  I had to deep breathe to get up out of bed, shuffle to Sam's room, and groan into the rocking chair.  I used heating pads continuously, a TENS unit, Motrin and Tylenol, then Aleve and Tylenol as needed. 

After two weeks I was still in crazy pain.  For the last five days I didn't see any improvement.  I lived with 4/10 pain constantly, going up to 8/10 with effort (lifting car seat, sitting down while holding Sam, bending to pick up toys, sitting on hard chairs, basically what I do all day every day).  A mom at playgroup saw my TENS unit and mentioned her husband was a chiropractor.  Huh.  I didn't even think to try that.  After some online research I found a guy in Denver with great reviews and transparent prices.  (I felt weird going to see a guy in my bishopric for health concerns, but maybe I will switch now that I know what it's like). 

I couldn't wait for an appointment that would work with a babysitter/Ben, so I schlepped the kids along Monday afternoon.  The doctor interviewed me about the pain, assessed my posture and flexibility, and then suggested a basic treatment plan.  He thinks it could be disc related, but doesn't recommend imaging until this happens again.  I did a 10 minute heat and electrical therapy set, then massage with a giant jack hammer tool.  I kid you not, it was enormous.  But it worked because I could feel my muscles loosen up.  Then he did the classic adjustments, cracking up my spine, twisty on both sides, then again lying on my back.  I was a little sore but no big change. 

But the next morning I noticed I was MUCH better.  I even skipped my pain meds because I was sick of taking them.  All day I paid attention to my pain.  It was about a 2/10 all day, bumping up to a 4 with aggravation. 

Today?  Even better.  There are times I don't even notice my back.  I can pick up Sam in his car seat with almost the normal amount of strain.  My muscles are a little sore, like after a bad sleep position or a long workout.  But hardly any actual "pain" today.  I'm thrilled! 

I have another appointment on Friday and I'm very much looking forward to it.  I was so wary of chiropractors in the past.  I'm totally converted.  There are scammy ones out there.  I read some ways to be sure you are seeing a decent practitioner.  But I think it's another tool you can use, like massage, to take care of your body.  Maybe one of my readers is saying, "Duh.  I've been seeing a guy for years."  In that case, shame on you for not telling me to go sooner!  I wish I had gotten treatment immediately.  When this inevitably happens again, I know I'll be seeking help right away. 

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