Thursday, March 06, 2014

Come on! Again!

UntitledThe boys are STILL sick. Remember how last time I mentioned it, Jack was recovering from a cold in January?  But then he got a runny nose and the lingering cough worsened?  So I declared it a second cold at the end of February.

That was a couple weeks ago.  His cough died down enough to where I took the humidifier out of his room (I was tired of maintaining it).  He protested and claimed to still be sick.  I pooh poohed him and thrust him out the door to our play date at the park this morning.  When he fell asleep on the 10 minute drive home, snacks uneaten in his lap, I finally believed him.  He barely woke up enough to walk to the couch.  His temp was elevated at 99.4.  So that makes THREE overlapping colds?  For real?? (In Gob voice) Come on!!

Sam, meanwhile, has a worsening cough and stuffy nose.  Unfortunately I have had to wake him up from a few naps this week to get to outings relatively on time.  Poor guy seems tired all the time now.  Last night he had a terrible coughing fit at midnight and wouldn't settle until I nursed him.  Then coughing and soothing again at 3, feeding at 5:30, then blessedly slept until 8.

Is it bad that I'm thrilled both of the sick boys are asleep right now - granting me time to eat a hot lunch and catch up on some work?  Do moms ever NOT feel guilty?

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