Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Jack's imagination

First, Jack has been on a serious superhero kick.  Heavy emphasis on Spiderman.


He already liked the Avengers in toys and TV.  Then he got really into the Lego Marvel video game.  Then it became everything Spiderman.  Soap, undies, shirts, toys, he can't get enough.

But what I love most is that he has started to make up his own superheroes.  Here's his current team:

UntitledRinger Leader

Star Swiper

Pants Whipper (pictured)

Ninja Bubs

Dragon Ball (a bad guy)

He has described costumes, attack style, and upgrades for each.

Second, Jack had his last drama class today.  Family and friends got to attend to see what they have been up to.  It was cute, exactly what I expected for their age.  He had so much fun in this class.

Blowing up their acting-space balloons:

After they caught and swallowed their big-acting-voices, they each got to introduce themselves on the mic (you talk into it, but you cannot kiss it, Jack informed me).

Reviewing the story they will be acting out:

Getting into costumes:

Enjoying the show:



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chitarita said...

This post makes me very happy. I enjoyed the videos, and it's fun to see drama activities with 3 year olds aren't that different from ones with 16 year olds.