Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Grown-ups doing kid things!

Ben is great about helping me get out away from the kids for some fun.  This week Amanda and I ventured to a tap class.  I've wanted to learn to tap since college.  Now seemed like the perfect time to try.  We did some research and decided to try TAPS professional studio in the Baker neighborhood of Denver.

It was super fun.  Also super hard.  Tap is very much the opposite of everything I learned in ballet and modern.  I haven't felt so inept about dance in decades.  I can't wait to go to class again!  Maybe I can sneak some pictures next time.

Last night I procured a babysitter for a date to the Alamo.  They were showing The Monster Squad with special guest: star of the movie Andre Gower.  I'd seen Monster Squad some years ago, probably at a Halloween movie marathon.  It's a horrible 80s kids movie.  The famous line that every quotes (and yelled along in the theater) is "Wolfman's got nards!"  That about sums up the film.  Here's the trailer if you are interested in learning more:

I was not going to attend with friends until Trevor sent this reply to Brian's invitation, that I hope he won't mind me re-printing:

The City Market in Grand Junction used to have a video store. This video store was where I'd spend most of my time if I got pulled into grocery shopping. It wasn't particularly large, so I'm not exaggerating when I say I think I saw everything that was worthwhile in that store, and knew where the videos were stocked better than the clerks. The Monster Squad was my favorite. From the box alone it had everything that would appeal to an eight year old boy: Wolfman, Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula and a group of kids that saves the day. The problem was very often the video was absent behind that oh so alluring case. 

I would only learn about 6 years later why. Brian's Mom worked in the pharmacy there. And anytime I wasn't hoarding that VHS, he was.

I'm in.

I'm a sucker for nostalgia so that convinced me.  Well, that and some time out with my husband.  And an Alamo experience. And a Royale with Cheese.  And a Coke Zero as big as my head.  And free cookies.  They gave theater members free, freshly baked, gooey cookies.  Mmmmm . . .

Anyway, now you know why this meeting was sort of sweet.

Thumbs up from Van Helsing.

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