Saturday, August 16, 2014


Can I brag about Jack a little?  He's totally teaching himself math.  While we were driving one day:

Mom!  Two twos make four!

That's right dude!

And three threes make six.

Well, no.  Let's count them out.  (We do so, he agrees that two threes make six).  So what do three threes make? (We start to count them out.  Before I can finish)

Nine!  Three threes are nine!  

Then on another day we passed a family walking by.  Jack said:

There are two girls and one boy . . .  two and one make three!  

That's advanced, right?  I'm pretty sure pre-preschoolers aren't doing math yet.  But then, I'm biased :-)

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Anonymous said...

I'd say he's advanced. Of course I'm biased too.

Gramma B