Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jack the public speaker

Last week they asked Jack to give a talk in Primary today.  We wrote it together and put it into book form.  We read it together every nap and nightly story time so he could give the talk himself. 

See, traditionally a parent goes up and feeds the kid their lines one by one.  But I knew Jack was up for the challenge of speaking on his own.  He loves to be picked to do things in Primary, so that was a big motivator (the fact that he was "chosen" to give a talk and got to stand on the step stool and talk into the microphone when no one else gets a turn).

I took little sick Sam in just to watch and film.  I couldn't resist!  The teachers were all gushing too and asked if he would repeat it for the Primary Program later this year in front of the whole congregation.  I'll bet he will!

Update: I posted this quickly, then watched the video.  Thought I would add a couple things
--Sorry for the swaying.  I was holding Sam too.
--He messed up a line on the hard page.  We practiced it a lot the last couple days.  He repeats a line instead, stops, shrugs, then says the correct line perfectly.  I was so proud!
--I can understand him well since I know the talk, but I realized if might be helpful to print it here.

Heavenly Father gave us a family.
My family has Dad, Mom, Jack, and Sam.
Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to show our family love by doing things together.
With Dad I like to play legos.
With Mom I like to bake desserts.
With Sam I like to wrestle and play.
All of us like to go on family walks.
I love my family.

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Anonymous said...

So proud .. what a boy. You guys are the best parents!
Gramma B