Thursday, August 21, 2014

More of the same


School again for Jack.  He loves it, and I love it.  He comes home so tired and hungry every day though.  Maybe he needs a bigger breakfast.  The only downside so far is all the car seat action I have to do for two quick trips every day.  When the weather cools off I might start walking it.  It's 3 min drive versus 22 min walk according to Google.  Not a big deal until you consider that it's a round trip - so about an hour to walk, sign in, and walk back. That's an hour that I need to ensure Sam can be awake for.  After his illness I'm anxious to get him back on a regular sleep schedule.

Speaking of Sam, the rash is bigger this morning so I'm pretty sure of my diagnosis.  He's getting happier every day too.  I think you'll agree his belly is still cute with red pinpricks.


My big project was cleaning out and organizing Jack's room aka the Toy Explosion.  Success!  Jack discovered he could pair his mask with his cape.


And the boys took to the spinning chair.  You can enjoy it in video, and see Sam's googly eyes at the end, or click the link to see an endlessly spinning gif.

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