Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dresser Shopping

Jack is going to need a proper dresser in his room soon.  I'm sick of modern particle board crap that falls apart after 5 years.  Good quality new wood furniture is frighteningly expensive.  So I've started an extremely passive search for a vintage dresser.  Mostly this involves trawling through craigslist once a week for mid century dressers, and cursing when I see the ones I like were quickly sold.  One time while driving home via 44th I made Ben stop for some "antique" shopping.  Mostly crap, but there's a new store that specializes in mid century furniture called Retro Consignment.  I was stunned at the fabulousness we saw once inside and couldn't stop taking cell phone photos.  Observe:

 On the left is a vibrating belt exercise machine, with sleds behind them.  They also had bizarre water skis, looked like 1940s or 50s.  On the right an array of typewriters

 A beautiful, working projector on the left, on the right I want this blue chair and love seat set.  But so impractical for my big boys!
 I swear that we had this exact stereo when I was a kid.
 A decent dresser we were considering. (Just browsing for now.  We had no transport to get large furniture home and, more importantly, no money post-holidays for furniture purchases.)
Also loved this teal sofa.  They had brilliant old television sets.  Not pictured is the wet bar I saw and was seized with an inexplicable urge to OWN RIGHT NOW, OMG I ALWAYS WANTED A BAR.  Ben shook his head and herded me out the door soon after that. 

I will be back with fists full of cash.  Oh yes, give me time.

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