Friday, January 28, 2011

Eight Months Old

Jack is eight months old today.  EIGHT! 

Still lovin' life as it comes.  A champion sitter, we love using high chairs in restaurants.  We have to keep them away from the table or he'll throw everything into his mouth or onto the floor. 
We're still practicing crawling.
But it's going slow.  Slow, as in, no still learning the starting position.  We can get him into the crawl position and he'll hold it for 0-10 seconds, with an average duration of 2 seconds. 
Because it's late and I worked all day and Jack was tired too, I stripped him instead of putting on a new cute outfit.  He loved the novelty of nakedness on blanket.

You'll have to believe that I took some adorable naked baby pictures.  But Ben has rules against nudity on the internet.  So I'll tease you with this cropped one.  Jack seems to be giving Jem a look of understanding with his breezy buns.  Or something.  I can't tell.  But the look seems full of statement of some kind or other.
Every day I notice him investigating more details in the world around him, and reacting with new facial expressions.  Also, I love that his hair is coming in.  He's graduated from "peach fuzz" to "wispy."

Ben's internet played some soft music and Jack starting busting moves.
But it stopped and he craned his neck to see where the party went.  You see this twisty, arched position?  Imagine trying to feed him when EVERY noise causes him to stop and investigate in this manner.  Let's just say I'm glad I don't have to nurse him in public. 

We tried to get him dancing to the TV show theme song from Psych, as promised.  We didn't fail, you'll see it below.  But bear in mind:
1. He just endured Mom's photo session, including undressing and dressing. GROAN.
2. It's one hour from bed time. GROAN.
3. He and Ben were sick of each other by the end of the day GROAN (Jack) GROAN (Ben).
Despite all that, he STILL busts out to this song.  Take 1 on the floor, take 2 on Ben's lap.  I stopped midway but restarted when Ben said I was missing his favorite part of the song. If you saw the prequel the other day this won't be any different.

Favorite Song? from Rachel Mason on Vimeo.

We love you, Jack. Now stop growing up so darn fast.

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Betty said...

Happy Birthday Jack! I love these updates, he just gets cuter ad cuter. Jem seems to think he's getting better too. I think she senses more and more food will be coming her way.

Grammie Mason