Thursday, January 27, 2011

You guessed right!

I had Kelly put purple streaks in my hair again.

This is what happens when you watch Scott Pilgrim the night before your salon appointment.

It's very subtle, especially compared to my college days:

But it's definitely hidden in there, 6 or 7 little chunks of violet glory.  Purple enough that I don't feel like such an old lady, but subtle enough I don't think anyone important at work will notice and report me for "unnatural hair color" violation. 

I'm happy many of your enjoyed some Motherboy dancing (Arrested Development fans out there? you like that?).  Since some of you asked, we were dancing to Kate Nash "Pumpkin soup."  I'll have to post some video of Jack dancing to the Psych theme song.  He gets his boogie on STAT when you turn it on.  Maybe tomorrow, on this 8th month birthdaythingieIvebeendoing.  I have a full shift and then I'm on call, but I'll do my best to get photos up.  Saturday, if not tomorrow.

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