Sunday, July 08, 2012

Cherry Creek Arts Festival

While Jack took a nap we dashed back downtown for the arts festival.  It started off another perfect day for walking. Cool and cloudy.  But the thunder started its warning.

Hmm, looks like it's really raining.  We should stay in this booth for a bit.  
 Whoa!  Shoot, I can't keep my feet dry in this.  I think it's up around my toes.  Water bottles and flip flops start floating past us. 
 Uhh, this is really bad.  The guys across the street just lost a few two by fours to the torrents.  It's pounding.  A loading dolly just floated past us in the gutter!

 Ahh, the rains abated after quite a while. We were up to our ankles in the tent.  We ventured down the middle of the street where the water was more shallow.  Then at a junction we hopped up to the sidewalk. 

 And we were so proud we remembered the umbrellas today.  Fat lot of good they did us!  But then we said "oh, screw it!" We're already soaked, let's see if any booths are opening back up. 

When I took the above shot a woman on the sidewalk pointed to my parents and said "Now those are the true art lovers."  How right she was!  They even made another purchase after the floods. 

We splish sploshed back to the mall and through the building to the car without slipping.  I took off my shoes and for the third time tilted the water out of them and wrung out my socks.  This is one Cherry Creek Arts Festival where I wasn't complaining about the heat!

(Can you believe I wrote this post without punning the location?)

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Jenn said...

What a rainstorm! Also, love your Anthro shirt!