Sunday, July 01, 2012

Hello Friends!!

In the middle of all that work busy-ness (business?) our BFFs came back to visit.  Hello Walkers!!!!

They are in the middle of another life upheaval, moving from Idaho to Oregon.  I am very sad that Colorado did not make the cut.  But it was so much fun to see them for a couple days. 

We ate out at some local favorites.  I cannot believe there is no barbeque in Pocatello!  We saw Moonrise Kingdom at my favorite theater (using VIP leather loveseats with complimentary popcorn and soda). I still love Wes Anderson, btw.   I got to play a couple rounds of trivia at our new haunt, Teller's Taproom, before bedtime. 

Miranda and I made not one, but TWO trips to Fancy Tiger.  Both trips were over two hours long.  It was heaven.  The first time I took photos of everything that I seriously considered buying.  Look how much money I saved! 

The second trip I spent $60 on luxury yarns.  I had worked long hours the day before, and long hours all week that prevented me from playing with my friends. My inner voice said "Treat yo self!" and so I did.  How I love Anzula and Madelinetosh yarn. 

Oh, and let me say thank you to 3G streaming Netflix on phones, that allow little girls to watch My Little Pony for an hour while their moms shop for crafts.

Sigh.  We really miss you guys.  I wish there were more lunches like this:

Maybe someday.  Good luck on your move!

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Miranda said...

Aww! Stupid Oregon.