Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A very subtle 4th of July

Ben and I couldn't remember what we did for the fourth last year.  Apparently this.  So that we capture memories, as much as they are, I'll post about today.

After an unrestful night of tossing and turning in bed I got up at 5 to go to work.  I had one patient in the main room, where I simultaneously did all the machine and equipment maintenance.  Then they added a second patient for me, this one in the ICU.  Before that I had a nice, relaxed lunch (salad with ham and boiled egg) and talked to Ben, who had Jack at the Tilly's house for a little party.  I'm told Jack ate 6 watermelon slices, three brownies, and handfuls of goldfish crackers.  He's been losing weight from this cold so frankly I'm thrilled about all that food!  He and Wolfie also had fun throwing poppers and splashing in a puddle.

I left work around 6:45, just shy of a 13 hour day.  It's nice to get 50% extra pay for working today.  This was my drive home on the bottom of C-470 facing west. 
Hey, where are the mountains?  

Rounding the loop just past Kipling, even up close I could barely see the foothills.   It's been hazy all week because of the fires here.  But today was the worst by far.  Ironically, I hear it's from winds bringing the smoke to Denver from a fire in Laramie. 

At home I played in the basement with the guys.  Ben is proud that Jack can play video games at a younger age than he did himself.  When I got home Jack had just cleared the second level of Angry Birds on his own, earning three stars.  He tried Fruit Ninja next.  We've been trying to teach him that not all video games, and not all consoles, work by flapping your arms. 

Fireworks are pretty much banned across the state because of the wildfires.  There are a couple displays, but I'm sure they are packed to the gills with people because of how few there will be.  We were never big fans of fireworks because 1) they are late at night.  Unless the 5th is a non-work day we'd rather sleep, and 2) crowds. But I kept Jack up a little past bedtime to watch the Capitol fireworks in DC.  His response was very meh.  Instead he licked his dinosaur like an ice cream cone, sending Ben into fits of giggles.  This went on for a while. 

And that was our Independence Day!

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