Monday, July 29, 2013

Blessed Rain

This July has been kind to me.  Most days there are afternoon thunderstorms that hide the sun.  Yesterday it felt like we had left Colorado.  Drizzly, cold rain all day long.  We were in heaven!  We took a nature walk, napped, read books, and I watched Becoming Jane at Amanda's house.  Look, we wore jackets!

My kind of July

My kind of July


This morning is another chilly one.  Jack slept in until 8:20!  I should be vacuuming, sweeping, and doing the dishes so we can get to story time on time.  But jammies! Slippers! Internet!  So much more fun!

Saturday was a building day for us.  Ben took Jack to another Lowes Build and Grow workshop.

UntitledLowes build and grow

I bought some wood trim and made Jack a new bookshelf.  I've been scouring the internet for a good kids bookcase, that's not super expensive, and holds a lot of books.  Front facing shelves are great for kids to browse and put away on their own, but they are pricey, often ugly, and don't hold a lot.  Finally, on Amanda's suggestion, I got a $22 Target bookshelf and added the trim.  Just a little paint, glue, and nails, and he has a new place to collect his many many books! 



Ok, no more delays. I gotta do my housekeeping.

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Anonymous said...

What a great book case. It's perfect. You guys are so clever.

Love, mom