Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Perks of marrying a nerd, continued

Internet savvy folks are aware that Google Reader ended service this month.  We were sad.  Ben opted to self host an RSS reader for me and friends.  He has the ability to tweak it's design, because he's smart like that. 

Sometimes when I'm browsing my internet feeds, I am assaulted by snakes.  Like this oneAnd this one.  NothankyougoawayImgonnawashmyeyesnow.  I really really hate snakes.  After a request that was mostly a joke, my dear husband did this for me:

No snakes

"Redacted due to snakes (click to toggle)"

In other words, he filtered snakes out of my RSS feeder!  I'm so happy.  It does a keyword search, so sometimes articles are redacted that don't need to be.  But the title is preserved so I can click to view it if I think it will be safe.  

Thank you Ben!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what Google Reader is, but I'm proud of Ben!