Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Farmer's" Market

Baker farmers marketTonight we made it down to Baker for the Broadway Farmer's Market.  Baker is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Denver; home to Sweet Action Ice Cream, Humble Pie Shop, and the beloved Fancy Tiger, amongst other hip fair.

Speaking of hip fair, this was one strange farmer's market.  Settled on a small grassy lot, you could find tickets to the Underground Music Festival, wine freezers(?), boozy marmalade, and vegan food trucks, all while listening to a live band.  But if you came with your canvas bags for farm fresh vegetables, you might be disappointed.  There was one booth tucked in the corner selling fresh greens.  To their credit, there was also a sign by the band "Peaches couldn't make it . . . truck broke down . . . will be here next week!"  The fact that Ben thought this might refer to the band tells you what kind of market this was.  I wonder why they don't just call it a neighborhood fair, or summer festival, or something. 

Despite our preconceived notions we had a fun time.  Jack and I shared a refreshing watermelon-pineapple juice and kettle corn.  Ben had a delicious tamale.  The booths were generous with their samples, so we also had "artisan" pickles, pistachio pesto, chocolate caramel sauce, and rhubarb pie. 

Baker farmers market

Baker farmers market

Baker farmers market
Baker farmers marketBaker farmers market

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