Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Third Trimester

Let's check in on this pregnancy thing.  Little boy is growing bigger and doing well, as far as we can tell on this side of the uterus.  I'm 31 weeks pregnant now, which is firmly in the third trimester (40 is the goal).  My friend posted her itty bitty bump so I was inspired to post my belly too. It's quite a bit bigger, even considering I have a few weeks head start on her.

31 weeks

31 weeks

Thoughts at this point:
  • It's hot.
  • I still suffer from chronic nerve pain on the right side of my groin.  Nothing helps.  The intensity of the pain depends on where he is settled at the moment. Usually it's a dull ache while sitting or standing.  Sometimes when I turn over in bed it's sharp and makes me wince and cry.  Sometimes it's burning pain.  I really hope the SI problems I had with Jack don't stack on top of this in the last few weeks. 
  • I'm having some serious heartburn this time around.  I don't remember much of any with Jack.  Zantac is awesome.
  • I dropped a bobby pin today.  I stared at it for 4 seconds, said "Meh," and walked away.  Some things aren't worth bending down for anymore. 
  • It's hot.  
  • McDonalds will give you a giant bag of ice for $1.  I can go through a bag in 5 days.  
  • I've pretty much given up on pants.  I have a couple maternity pairs that fit, but what's the point when there are cotton jersey skirts in the world?  Did I mention how hot I am?
  • We have three top names.  One has a solid middle name choice, but the first name is our least favorite.  The other two first names are great, but we haven't settled on good middle names for them.  Our favorite first name is the trickiest to match with a middle.  More so than with Jack, I think we will need to see the new baby and spend a little time trying them out before deciding. 
  • I wake up about 2-4 times per night for nerve pain or bathroom breaks.  I'm trying to remember the first couple months of waking with a newborn.  That makes me grateful for the sleep that I am managing to get.  
  • Many more Braxton Hicks contractions this time around.  
  • I miss bacon.  
  • I miss runny eggs.
  • Jack is totally on board with the idea of a new brother.  He gets that he is growing in my tummy now.  He asks to see the ultrasound and feel kicking.  He tells me how excited he is to give him a bottle.  I think this is going to be another good transition.  For good measure, we should make sure baby brother brings Jack a new Transformer from the hospital. 
  • The nursery needs a lot of work to get ready for the baby.  Decorations, clothes sorted, diapers purchased, rocking chair, and bottles/pump cleaned.  I have zero nesting urge.  Hopefully that changes sometime soon.  
  • It's really nice not having to be a full time RN this summer.  I regret nothing.  I love being Jack's mom.  

(Ponchos are awesome too.  Thanks Miranda for lending this one!) (Who doesn't take selfies while supervising their child's hand washing?  Isn't that the norm?)

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