Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good time

Today started with a short day at work.  I had one smooth treatment in the morning, then some training seminars through the early afternoon.  I got home right after Jack woke up from his nap.  We ate navel oranges on the patio then walked to the park to chase robins.
Jack had been playing with my watch and dropped it somewhere in the park.  A little later Ben took Jem for another walk.  She used her beagle powers and found it easily in some tall grass.

Back at the house I grilled up the rib eye steak Ben had picked up at Edward's Meats today.   It turned out PERFECT.    I transformed leftover hot dog buns into garlic bread and served up artichokes.

Then the pager went off.

 I told them I needed 15 minutes to enjoy my steak and then I hurried back to the city to change out a clotted CRRT system.  Oh, so you gave him platelets and a plasma transfusion and his dialysis lines clotted?  Just like that?  Yeah, that's probably because you gave him platelets and plasma.  Now most of the platelets are sitting in the trash-can.  Seriously docs, let's think this through! 

But it was a quickie call back and early in the evening, so I was eager to do it.  Because we alternate with a partner I'm #2 for having to go back in now.   I made it home in time to give Jack a bath and put him to bed.
Barely 2 years old and practicing his lady killer look.  This kid is great.


WillYum said...

Platelets + plasma = gravel + concrete !!

- WillYum

WillYum said...

gravel + cement.

Yeah, that's more apt. Apter. A propos.

- Will