Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day #2

As you saw, my parents came to visit this weekend. They will be gone for Jack's birthday so he got to open some early presents. Then he opened our presents from Mothers' Day, because that's what moms do. My mom made this adorable apron for Jack to wear while baking. I love it! We put it to work and it did a great job.
This is the amazing breakfast Ben cooked for me (and everyone).  Thick cinnamon chip bread from Great Harvest, spread with Icelandic butter, bacon from Whole Foods, perfectly cooked (as close as you can get from a store to a) farm eggs with oregano, and a side of OJ and chocolate milk. 
 Jack bought me this grapefruit sugar scrub.  Seriously!  Ben was at the mall and he ran into the store and grabbed it off the shelf all on his own!  Hiding underneath is a Coldwater Creek Spa gift card for an "ultimate massage."  Ben really spoils me on Mothers' Day. 

Then in my new tradition of Mother's Day portraits, I made Amanda and Mom pose with me.  We put Andy and Jenn on facetime too!
Here are my pictures with Jack.  It wasn't easier than last year getting a good one.

The pictures are not our best, due to lazy Sunday dress, a boy who didn't want to sit, and a cameraman who was ready to be done.  (No offense Ben!) I love them anyway, but I think I prefer the in action shots. 

Here's Jack not wanting to let Grandma go home, which made it all the harder for her.  Then there's me a Jack at Brasserie TenTen in Boulder.  I was holding him hostage after an attempt to dine and dash.

On the left is from Friday when Jack was in a super cuddly mood.  He has grown affectionate and likes to give hugs and kisses.  I welcome it, along with this short spell of cold weather.

On the right is from tonight: me walking with Jack and his new Kipper doll.  He barely put it down all day.  

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