Saturday, May 05, 2012

Work work knit knit

Sorry I've been busy lately. A lot of work and a lot of fun stuff at home. But mostly work.  Right now I should be at work, doing a fourth shift this week.  But Jack woke up in vomit with a fever (he had a fever last night too).  So I'm sticking around for a while to help Ben.  We got juice and crackers and gave him a bath.  I'll probably go into work a little later this morning.  Right now he's watching Curious George and trying to get some banana down.  He did well with his apple juice and Kipper earlier this morning.  His fever went away too.  Tylenol is awesome.

So here are some pictures from the fun times I had last week! 

 We weaned Jack off his pacifier last week.  Went cold turkey 8 days ago.  It breaks our hearts that he still cries when we put him down.  He used to be such a happy sleeper!  It's like he mourns his pacifier every time he goes to sleep.  I wish he could understand why we are doing it, instead he probably thinks we are being mean.

Off tangent now, but my point was this: to celebrate his first night without his pacifier we baked together the next day.  He LOVES baking with me.  I set him up with a bowl, cups, spoons, some flour, and sprinkles.  I made pizza dough and cookies.  Those cookies didn't last very long :-)  The pizza was really good too.  Ben raved.  I made a pepperoni and roasted pepper pizza, and a veggie pizza with the peppers, asparagus, and feta cheese.


The yarn shop by my house had a little fleece festival.  We took Jack down to meet some lambs, goats, and alpacas!  He was scared at first but eventually fed them grass and got his fingers nibbled.  He's into sheep, likes to say Baaa (probably because one of his shows is Shaun the Sheep).  It was fun letting him hear Baaa in real life! 

I went on a spinning spree after this.  I even took my wheel to craft night at Fancy Tiger earlier this week.  Mavi came with which was good because I'm horrible at small talk and meeting new people.  I'm teaching her to knit and she's doing very well.

Last weekend I went to Sipping and Painting in the Highlands.  It's one of those wine and painting places that are popping up all over Denver.  I, of course, had a caffeine-free diet Coke, because I'm a wild thing like that.  The painting was really fun!  Amanda, Brian, Mavi, and Angela came with me.  I like how different they call came out.  My only complaint is that the time went too fast!  I love that they ask zero clean up from us.  That might have been the best part.

So that: lots of knitting and West Wing, taking Jack to playgrounds, and going to work has constituted most of my time lately.

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